December Report: Google Trends for Subscription Boxes

December Google Trends Report

Note: I’ve made some revisions to my October and November trend reports. Check ’em out if you’re looking for the previous two posts.

Interest Over Time with Keywords ‘Subscription Box’ and ‘Subscription Boxes’:

December saw a spike – but look back on our graph. We’re seeing ongoing spikes in December (subscription boxes make great gifts). But there are some other interesting dimensions we can analyze here: For 2012, trace back the year. What happens in April/May and July/August of each year? Smaller, less distinct spikes from what we see in December, but small trends upwards nonetheless. Notice that in the months prior to these, there is a slow decline or stagnation, then the peak. These smaller peaks are clearly trumped by December. 2015 overall was an interesting year, with big gains. March 2015 has a steeper contraction when compared to March 2014/13, as is the contraction heading into October.

Regional Interest of ‘Subscription Box’ and ‘Subscription Boxes’:

Term: Subscription Box

+1 to Australia, +2 UK. US remains at 100, Canada remains at 69, and India remains at 13.

Slight rise across the board when compared to last month.

Term: Subscription Boxes

As an overall representation of “mind share”, Canada’s GT score has dipped (-2) as well as the UK (-1). US and Australia remain the same (100 and 43, respectively).

+5 to Austin and +4 to Calgary, with slight declines for all other cities.

Related Searches to ‘Subscription Box’ and ‘Subscription Boxes’:

-5 to “beauty box subscription”, but otherwise, mostly the same this month for these related terms.

Like last month, we’ve got pretty varied terms listed. Again, beauty is lower, with slight verbiage change with the top related terms.

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