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As a public speaker, writer and entrepreneur, I’ve co-founded several successful startups, helped raise $1.5M+ in venture capital, and managed teams of over 50+ people.

What wakes me up in the morning isn’t terribly complicated. I thrive on the energy of ambition.

At 17-years-young, I took my meager savings and signed a lease on my first apartment. For income, I began tutoring at a local community college (conveniently located across the street). And that was the start of the journey behind pursuing of my dreams. I knew I wanted to connect people to interesting ideas, to be independent, and I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world.

Four years after that, I had graduated from a top university on a full scholarship, worked with 1000’s of students, and began two socially responsible businesses (that actually made money).

Three years after that, I had raised venture capital, moved across country, and helped build and manage teams of over 50 people.

It’s been an experience so far, and I know it has still just begun.

Connecting People to What Matters

At the heart of my endeavors is a desire to connect people to what matters: social and economic justice, conscious consumption, and living a happy life.

For me, this translates into a love for meeting new people, community building, and sharing ideas and inspiration – things that move people.

Professionally, it means working to inspire creative thinking, superb service, and ownership and accountability by both employees and business owners.

My Early projects: About Organic Soul and Conscious Box

Organic Soul was one of the fastest growing online publications focused on health and wellness. Originally launched in 2010 by Jameson Morris, I was brought on as a managing partner and Editor in Chief. During my time, I helped raised a small amount in angel investments, managed over a dozen writers, and personally published nearly 800 articles, mostly focused on environmental policy, health and wellness, and ideas in alternative medicine.

Conscious Box, a monthly box of sample sized natural products, grew from our desire to connect people to ethical, sustainable companies. We brought on another partner, Bjorn Borstelmann, and within a year had built a healthy business with thousands of recurring customers. In our second year, we successfully closed a round of venture capital and moved the business to Portland, Oregon, and in 2014 I departed the company to work on new businesses.

Since that time, I’ve founded two other subscription businesses, become an educator & community manager for one of the most vibrant entrepreneurial communities online, and even developed my own line of herbal teas.

Working with Me

I love new projects. If you think you’d like to schedule a Skype call or talk about how I can help you accomplish goals in subscription commerce or business in general, you can reach at me@jesserichardson.com, or visit my Contact page.

A little bit more about me

Currently, I reside in beautiful Portland, OR (though I’m a Bay Area native). In my free time, I practice yoga, play music, and try to enjoy as much art and tea as possible.


Words about Jesse

 “More people would like their customer-service jobs and customers would be happier if they did what Jesse Richardson does.” – USA Today


“Jesse is the most professional team player I have ever worked with.” – Bjorn Borstelmann


“I’ve been lucky to have had a business partner, Jesse, who is insanely customer-centric.” – Jameson Morris